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Useful information is accessible information. With YUMIANALYTICS you can export your output to different formats like Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, PDF and others. This means that you can get your output in different formats which renders YUMIANALYTICS ‘s information extremely reliable and flexible. Whether you just need a memo,  you want to build a stylish presentation or you’re keen on having a spreadsheet of data, YUMIANALYTICS has you  and your team completely covered. In addition to this you can define how this information will be exported inside YUMIANALYTICS. This innovative concept means that you can have power over the design of the exported output. Rather than having to manually edit every detail of the output, YUMIANALYTICS users are able to focus their time and resources elsewhere without having to sacrifice design or trustworthiness.

YUMIANALYTICS is compatible with the majority of formats, meaning that you can access YUMIANALYTICS’s reports without even having to open the platform. Our innovative solutions give you the ability to have documents of several different formats being fed data from your version.

Get your data in

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Available Formats


YUMIANALYTICS allows you to feed your PowerPoint presentations directly. This means that you can generate beautiful presentations with little effort.


Your YUMIANALYTICS outputs can also be sent to you in MS Word format with little to no effort.


You can export your outputs to Excel. And unlike other software, when you export, all cells and graphs maintain their excel format, to ensure that you can further edit.


Do you need a handy PDF to send someone or to access on your mobile device? With YUMIANALYTICS this is just one click away.

ZIP and Others

You can also get zipped versions of your modules and send them to other YUMIANALYTICS users. You can also directly print your data without needing it to go through another format.


Do you need your data in a format that we haven't mentioned? Contact us and you'll get YUMIANALYTICS version customized just for you.

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Client Service

With YUMIANALYTICS you can depict your data in so many formats! YUMIANALYTICS  is totally compatible with MS Office tools and makes your information easy to access. You can feed your PPT corporate publications with YUMIANALYTICS’s data and keep all the previous formatting or you can even edit the objects and translate their content automatically. Another amazing feature is how YUMIANALYTICS exports to Excel. Your data and charts keep the .xls formatting. This is so useful because  it allows you to edit your data and use it for further research. 

So you usually work with another format? Participate in our YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 with your suggestion and win a free trial of YUMI capable of exporting to that very same format!

YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019

In 2019, Markdata is accepting your challenges. This challenge also applies to Design. So if would like you see features added to your YUMIANALYTICS version, fill in your YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 form and get a free trial.



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