Fully Customizable

Tailor-Made for your Company

Different countries, markets and companies will require different features and focuses from their audience research software.  Having a Software tailor-made for you will allow you to be one step closer to success. With YUMIANALYTICS, you can customize everything.  In Markdata we see our clients as business partners and are therefore active in helping them achieve their goals. We will redesign and revolutionize YUMIANALYTICS, just to make sure that your version is exactly what you need. In this sense, we proudly say that our Software is unparalleled in terms of customization and that, unlike with other software, your YUMIANALYTICS version will be truly yours.

You don’t just get YUMIANALYTICS, you get your own unique version of YUMIANALYTICS. This partnership between users and Markdata means that each user will have exactly the software that they were looking for.

A tailor-made


Customizable Features


You can create customized YUMIANALYTICS products for your clients. These can have new modules, a new toolbar interface, custom icons and so much more.

Change Skins

You can change the Skin of YUMIANALYTICS's interface to a variety of inbuilt themes. If you want something different, you can even contact our team and get it.

Set Permissions

You can create customized Permissions for any particular product, module or analysis.

Customize Users and Groups

Create users and groups and define their default permissions without even needing to contact support.


You can redesign your interface, by changing the content of the toolbars to display what suits your needs the best.


By contacting out team, you can get a say on how your product is created, so that it best suits your needs.

Cátia Rosa

Client Service

One of the things that I enjoy most about YUMIANALYTICS is how I can mold it to my liking. My version of YUMIANALYTICS is truly my own and yours can be too. You can customize the theme and skin of your application as well as the actual layout of the toolbars. We can also create custom modules, add custom features and much more for our clients!

Would you like an extra feature for YUMIANALYTICS? Participate in our YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 with your suggestion and win a free trial of YUMIANALYTICS with that new feature!

YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019

In 2019, Markdata is accepting your challenges. This challenge also applies to Design. So if would like you see features added to your YUMIANALYTICS version, fill in your YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 form and get a free trial.



In Markdata, you are our partners and partners are always available to help. Feel free to contact us.

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