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Other software have a limited amount of inbuilt variables, entities, modules and connections. This limits your ability to generate more complete analyses and your own modules. Experienced teams know the importance of having exactly the right means to generate insights and Markdata’s YUMIANALYTICS allows you to have access to just that. You can create custom Variables, custom Entities, custom Time Bands and much more. This revolutionary concept allows you to get extremely accurate modules and analysis and to be flexible enough to adapt to new challenges and opportunities without needing to rely on extra development and to spend its associated costs. 

Need a custom target for a particular report? Or maybe you need to have a virtual channel composed of individual channels? Need to create a target according to the viewers behavioral patterns? With YUMIANALYTICS , you can do this yourself, without even needing to rely on coding support.

Create your own

Creatable Features

Variables and Formulas

In YUMIANALYTICS you have the power to create your own variables by combining others or to create more advanced formulas.

User Entities

Do you need an extremely specific entity? Even in such a case, YUMIANALYTICS has your back. You can create your own entity and then use it in your Layouts.


If you really like how one of your reports' Layout looks, you can save it as a template. In fact you can create templates of almost everything in YUMIANALYTICS 

Calendar Notes

With YUMIANALYTICS  it is very easy to add custom Calendar notes to ensure that you not miss any of the most important events.

Demographic Targets

You can create custom Targets by combining different demographics. The available demographic criteria is up to you.

Dynamic Targets

Behavioral Targets

You can create targets based on past audience behavioral patterns. This kind of data can yield significant insights into particular groups of consumers.

Co-Viewing Targets

YUMIANALYTICS is also able to process Co-Viewing targets. This means that you can even get your reports to run these kind of analysis.

Commercial Targets

Virtual Channels

There are several channels and you might need to group them. With YUMIANALYTICS this is possible. You can create a virtual channel containing a combination of others.

Virtual Regions

As with channels, YUMIANALYTICS also allows you to combine several Regions into a virtual Region.

Much More

YUMIANALYTICS has a multitude of items that you can create. With YUMIANALYTICS, your only limit is that of your creativity.

Francisco Giménez

Sales Manager

YUMIANALYTICS gives you the ability to create. This is one of the reasons I am proud of YUMIANALYTICS. You can create the building blocks for your reports and modules.  From targets to virtual channels or regions, you can create pretty much anything. This allows you to have modules that are truly your own and will help you be always one step ahead of competitors that do not have YUMIANALYTICS.

Would you like to be able to create something new in YUMIANALYTICS? Participate in our YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 with your suggestion and win a free trial of YUMIANALYTICS with that new feature!

YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019

In 2019, Markdata is accepting your challenges. This challenge also applies to Design. So if would like you see features added to your YUMIANALYTICS version, fill in your YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 form and get a free trial.



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