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Outputs as Inputs

With other software, the output is generally the end of the analysis. With YUMIANALYTICS it can be just the beginning. You can select whether you want to analyse the total output or you want to keep only parts of it and migrate these results to a new report for further analysis. With YUMIANALYTICS a module’s output can truly be just another module’s input. The ability to do this with little effort and without spending much time is a game changing as it allows you to be well informed without sacrificing to much time. In addition to this you can actively select which data will be passed down to the new analysis. You can also create comprehensive macro reports in which the sub-modules share a number of parameters and data. 

Having reports respond to your selections is an amazing game changer. It turns outputs into inputs, data into information and staticity into dynaminicity.



Connectable Features

Share Parameters

You can have several modules or analysis send filter definitions to other analysis automatically. This means that you can have two analysis sharing the same Calendar.

Select what to Share

You can specify exactly what and how you want your analysis to send or receive filters. You can select if you want to merge or to replace the receivers definitions and to select individually all the parameters that you want to send.

Your Selections as Inputs

One extremely dynamic feature of YUMIANALYTICS is that it can be set to automatically send the data that you select to another analysis.

Shortcut Connections

You add several connections to the toolbar of each module that you build, enriching it greatly.

Connect on Alert

Set data to be sent only when an Alert is triggered. This means that you can create reports that focus on studying these particular cases.


There are several other connectable features for you to discover while you are using YUMIANALYTICS, so start using it now!


Client Service

 The feature that I probably like the most about YUMIANALYTICS is that everything can be connected to something. You can simply select a range of cells press a one button and it immediately gives you an new angle to look at that information. You can also have modules sharing parameters and filters which allows you to edit your macromodules very easily!

Would you like to connect YUMI to something else? Participate in our YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019 with your suggestion and win a free trial of YUMIANALYTICS with that new feature!

YUMIANALYTICS Challenge 2019

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